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Bunsoon's "bakery"


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I've got some things, some stuff for sale here. Little bit of everything. Come, come, let me show you my new venture. I think  you'd be a perfect fit. Prices are not set in stone, haggling is welcome. I have a nasty habit of going afk for long periods of time in game, if you can't reach me, hit me up here or PM me.


This list will be updated periodically.


Blind Rage - 10p  OUT OF STOCK
Continuity - 5p  OUT OF STOCK
Equilibrium - 5p
Fleeting Expertise -  10p OUT OF STOCK
Intensify - 5p
Narrow Minded - 10p
Overextended - 5p OUT OF STOCK
Streamline - 5p
Vigor x2 - 5p
5p unless otherwise designated
Critical Delay OUT OF STOCK
Metal Auger x2
Serration R6 - 20p
Vicious Spread
Vile Precision
Vital Sense x4
5p unless otherwise designated
Magnum Force
5p unless otherwise designated
Focus Energy
Heavy Trauma
Spoiled Strike x2
Sundering Strike
5p unless otherwise designated
Brutal Tide - 10p
Burning Wasp x2
Clashing Forest
Cleaving Whirlwind - 10p
Eleventh Storm
Fracturing Wind
Gemini Cross
Iron Phoenix
Reaping Spiral
Seismic Palm - 10p
2p unless otherwise designated
Anykros Blade
Bo Prime Ornament
Braton Prime Stock
Bronco Prime Barrel
Burston Prime Barrel
Burston Prime Stock
Dakra Prime Blade
Dakra Prime Handle
Latron Prime SET - 10p
Lex Prime Reciever
Orthos Prime Blade - 5p
Orthos Prime Handle x2 - 5p
Paris Prime Lower Limb x2 - 5p
Paris Prime String - 10p
Reaper Prime SET - 15p
Boar Prime BP
Bronco Prime BP
Glaive Prime BP
Fang Prime BP
5p unless otherwise designated
Frost Prime Chassis
Mag Prime chassis
Rhino Prime Systems 
Loki Prime BP 
mag prime BP
ANY 4 keys for 5p
Tower I
Capture x4
Defense x3
Exterminate x8
MD x10
Survival x13
Tower II
Capture x1
Defense x2
Exterminate x16
MD x7
Survival x8
Tower III
Exterminate x3
Kubrow Imprints
Coming Soon 
Edited by Bunsoon
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