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In-Game Scoring System


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When we complete a mission on warframe we are presented by a screen that tells us what we earned. We also get a clear indication as to who caused the most destruction, who got downed the most etc... Though these stats are irrelevant, after the game.


I propose that warframe has a in game scoring system


How can it work?

Each enemy has a value and every time you kill an enemy you can earn points.

But since this is a co-op game points will be allotted like so:


Lets say there is a napalm troop. The maximum amount of points that the player can earn from killing that enemy alone is 1000 points.


Now lets add another player to the mix.


Player 1 and Player 2 encounter this napalm. Player 1 takes away 80% of his health. Player two then finished him off, taking away the last 20% of his health.


So in turn player 1 will earn 800 points

Player 2 will earn 200 points.


The benefits of adding this small feature


1) Promotes friendly competition amongst players as each of them strive to be on top.


2) Re-playability, by adding a hint of competition you are also promoting players to continue playing.


3) More variety/ways to play.


4) Knowing whos slacking. With this point system players can now see who is falling short or who is afk.


5) Bragging rights, someone who just 6 forma'd their synapse cant even get the opportunity to really show it off. With all the anarchy going on who is actually going to stop and see the dps of your synapse. With a point system you can show off your tenno swag by easily 1 shotting your foes, and getting an overwhelming amount of points compared to your plebian teammates, the only thing is thy might go off an build their characters just so they can kick your butt one day.



We already have a % system so I don't see this being a really hard feature to implement. It's small its simple but it can be a game changer.

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so basically, u want to have the "baa that player uses weapon X / Warframe Y / whatever and clears the entire room before i kill an enemy... OP NERF" crys grow exponentially or so? I mean, thats really the only point i see in that system. It would only make the gap between players with endgear (being fully formad stuff, maxmods and whatnot) and beginner-midlevel tennos even more obvious

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