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Vay Hek Mission Bug?


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I was playing the Way Hek mission just a few minutes ago. We went through and beat him but then the mission went screwy.

His chicken legs (minus Hek) jumped to the other side of the final area and just hung out. His life meter would show up when you target the legs (empty) and the legs would turn to follow the nearest tenno.

We decided to look for the extraction point rather than continue hacking away at the legs for no reason.

After finding it we came across another fun bug. Suddenly there was a fifth (5) tenno waiting at extraction. ?????

We couldn't finish the mission because it still thought Vay was alive so we had to just abort.

So I'm out all the resources to make the key, have no key and didn't get a Hydroid part (which was the whole goal).

Am I just out these bits, or is there something I can do?


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