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Heavy Caliber Suggestion


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It bugs me that this is a mod that you cannot get around by skill, like it was when it added recoil. Recoil is manageable by skill, RNG isnt. HC hurts precision weapons the most, making it impossible to use without treating those weapons as mid-close range shotguns. Talking about Every sniper, Bows (kinda), and Latron type of weapon. Accurate auto-weapons like Soma and Boltor prime (convenient, isnt it?) suffer almost no drawbacks using this mod. So my suggestions would be:

1: Make the mod increase recoil for all weapons, and add an amount of recoil to recoilless weapons (continuous weapons could get worse and worse accuracy and recoil the longer you hold it).Bows would decrease in fire rate, because the bow has been modified to require a greater power to draw back, in order to give the arrow more force. Weapons like Dera would simply get a flat amount of recoil added based on the level of Heavy caliber mod.

2: Make it partial. Accuracy reduce for auto weapons, recoil increase for Semi-auto weapons.

As it is now, there is no way to counteract Heavy caliber. Not by skill, and not with mods. And i dont want a mod that increases accuracy, that would just add another band-aid to the mummy that is Warframe, and eats a slot.

EDIT: Almost forgot about Magnum force... i wonder why. Same would apply to this mod.

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