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What Annoying You In Warframe


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Hello all,just i want to ask one simple question what annoying you in warframe for me

1)when people spam nyx absorb (all the time i am thinking why the warframe powers don't have cooldowns)

2)when people spam nova m-prime

3)i can't understand how the developers balance the weapons for example:

a) soma is mastery 6 - supra is mastery 7,supra need a lot more materials,credits and time to build+dojo so from this it should be better from the soma which is mastery 6 and simple i can buy it from market and build it very easy in one day,but supra is not better

b) glaxion hold 300 magazine while only reload 1.5 second,supra hold 90 magazine with reload 4.2 why?

4)the wrong colors of my warframes for example:

nyx with immortal skin the body have darker color the head have lighter color



vauban 1 how the color should look 2 how the color look



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1) The amount of Co-op forcing the events are.

2) The amount of duchebags who join my lobby for T4's

3) The amount of relentless Afinity grind after MR 5-8

4) The way DE made it so that Kubrows have to get Stasis locked so they dont die

5) When cool mechanics gets taken out of the game (Switch Teleport killing, ETC cant remember more right now XD)

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Clipping, explosive users, people who think Rhino is the greatest thing ever, host migrations, lack of interesting game modes, and the fact that DE ignores PvP feedback.

PvP feedback?


i think you forgot to mention feedback of anykind.

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PvP feedback?


i think you forgot to mention feedback of anykind.

Yeah probably. :P



tthe most annoying thing to me is the fact that warframes comming to xb1 


i just wanted it be  a ps4 pc thing 


i know iknow im apiece of S hit 


hey im entitled to my opinion

Well aren't you selfish. -_-

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Still no viable stealth.

Absence of Parkour 2.0.

Vauban alerts.

Free color palettes I missed.

Proto Excalibur skin I missed because I hadn't enough plats via trade in time.

Not enough diversity in enemies.

Stuff promised before that still aren't ingame.(cloth physics for instance)

Rhino = easy mode. (I don't want to get him for now)


The charge attacks argon. (I can't homerun people on demand with my fragor anymore)

Typhus,Myst,Dragon,Vespa,Vyper not ingame.

Nekros still a simple desecrater instead of Grim Reaper.

Switch teleport stun. (too long,weird torso)

Grate prime & the hockey mask stil missing.


However, I still really like this game,the devs & the community!

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People who think anything other than Rhino Prime with Boltor Prime is trash

People who activate Lifesupport at 90% (after being asked not to)

People who bring newly bought/forma'd weapons and gear into T4 missions

People who blow in their mics

People who randomly invite me to missions just to advertise their clan

When your running a Warframe like Loki who needs energy to have any use and you see that purple aura around your feet... yeah... Shock Eximus...

"Connection to host server lost you will be returned to the menu"

The person who hides when an assassin like Stalker or Harvester show up, then come and claim the loot like they helped

Getting continuously knocked down/stunlocked 

New Toxic Ancients 


Region Chat

3 hour wait for Kubrows to recover from stasis

The fact that your Kubrow can perma die

Scammers in Trade Chat

Spawning in a wall

Spawning under the floor and falling to your death

Being dead on spawn

Ice levels

The scoring system in recent events (Still don't get how Breeding Grounds worked, and from what I heard Tactical Alerts are ridiculous)

Argon Crystals

When the roll animation leads to you falling off a ledge (almost failed a mastery test because of this)

When you try to run up a wall but you wallrun instead, or get that weird animation where you go flying in the air vice versa

The amount of plat it costs to buy a weapon (if you buy them with plat) I was looking in the market one day and 150p for the Skana... seriously? 

Just to list a few...
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Guest Tehnoobshow

When people think that the "Feedback" section of the forums is where people give feedback for THEIR posts. Seriously, you mods have got to make that clearer for new players. "Feedback" is for devs, not for whomever wants to post in the sub-forum.

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1.Melee system too much stupid E,E,E company no dashes
2.Frost Prime bad looking, and His skills but the most are not balance skills in this game.
3. Nova Molecular Prime OP easy way to pass what ever you want, and Valkyrs Histeria immortality forever, time end? use it again.
4. When you lost connection by host migration or crashes or something, you lose all what you got in that mission even the Void key if you used it to host :/.
5.Kubrows system, they can die, getting back from stasis takes 3 hours but ofcourse you can pay plat -_-. All about Kubrows is just Money making.
6.RNG bad luck sometimes can't get even for weeks what you want, and Orokin cells are so rare in that game right now :/, I heard that same is happening to neurodes.

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• The near brainless gameplay

• Weapons that look good suck. Weapons that are amazing look stupid (few exceptions).

• You favourite frame cannot be played how you want. I feel Excaibro looks the best but I don't play him much, and end up using Ash who looks good but not that good. DE, Skill Trees, man, Skill Trees.

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