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Captain Vor Dealing Insane Damage?



So, i recently got Warframe. Amazing game, and I am absolutely loving it. I got referred to it by a friend of mine, who helped me out (and still is) with understanding the game mechanics.


Now, I levelled up quite a bit, working through upgrading (playing as a Volt frame btw, since thats incidentally been an online nick of mine for a very long time, go figure). Now, I decided Vor, whom I beat solo pretty shortly after I started, would be nice to get used to some aerial movements (dodging, fast map movement etc), since I have some troubles in that department.


Now, I have a shield of approximately 620-ish, and I think roughly 300 health with mods. Numbers might be a bit off there, but it's a close enough estimate. Weapons at the moment are a shotgun, kunai, Bo, Shock. Keep in mind when I fought this guy before, he was somewhat dangerous, but nothing out of the ordinary. Keep my distance, fight, and I won fairly fast. But not this time.


At some point, I was fighting him from a distance, and after doing some quick movements around the map for practice-dodging like I intended, I suddenly noticed my shields dropped -entirely- and my health was at 20. Before anyone asks; no, I was not hit by his grenades. I dodged those quite nicely and there was no kind of yellow damage aura on me from it. Anyway, I got shot, and I died there.


"okay... lets try again".


Same idea, dodging, running. This time though, I sadly got knocked down by a guy with a shield, while grenades were lobbed at me. Managed to run away, shields down to 300, and health still maxed (roughly 300). And then.... blam. Dead. I have no clue what happened there, all I know is I died instantly after managing to sprint-jump-airslide-slide-jump all the way to the other side of the map. Something shot me, and I just took at least 600 instant damage from something.


So my question is... what (possibly) happened here? I am still relatively new to the game, so I possibly overlooked something. Do enemies scale with your level? Does Vor have a sniper rifle I am unaware of? Did I just get extremely unlucky and got critted twice?



Possible answers would be appreciated.




*note: this is not a complaint about Vor's battle or difficulty. I am merely confused about this sudden powerspike that I have not encountered before.

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I can only think of the sequence where Vor shields himself and spawns high-level Grineer which more often that not pose a serious threat to newer players. If that's the reason you got downed, consider prioritizing the high level enemies that he spawns first.

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Mercury vor? Bosses scale with conclave. Try killing him with one weapon only equipped.

Also Vor bubble has some sort of explosion. After he is going to bubble stage get distance, also when he dies.

Each frame and weapon have own conclave, and mods in them also, so having only one weapon might help. Also taking off spells you won't use with volt will lower his level a bit.

Also when you started and beat his old pants, do you mean prologue/tutorial?

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