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Survival Bugs Unable To Pick Up Drops/activate Life Support/revive


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Just ran a 45 min Elara Survival with some clannies.. Haflway through one member couldn't pick up anything, until he revived, then it spread to other people in the group.. Then even I couldn't pick up stuff and instead my carrier would suck things into the air, and they would hover clustered around me, obscuring my view.


Next we couldn't hit life support, the activate tab wouldn't show, and mashing the button did nothing.. Then the same issue carried over to revives across the party.


Never seen these effects, yet alone the combination, or it affecting the entire squad.



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I can say that I did an Elara survival the other day and was suddenly unable to activate life support myself.


Same old "Press 'x' to activate" but pressing the button did nothing.


I hope this gets fixed.


Note: I haven't experienced this outside of Elara (or outside planetary survival nodes for that matter) so I can't say that the bug isn't related to these particular nodes being converted to the Excavation mission type. I think that's the case.

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