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Weapon Parts/bps, And Mag Prime/frost Prime


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Paris Prime BP 5p

Paris Prime Upper Limb 5p

Paris Prime Lower Limb 5p

Paris Prime String 5p


Latron Prime Set for for 20p

Or 6p for any part other than the BP


Burston Prime Barrel 4p

Burston Prime Stock, 4p 

or you can trade me one for a Burston Prime Receiver


Sicarus Prime BP 5p

Sicarus Prime Barrel 5p 


Frost Prime Chassis 6p

Frost Prime Helmet 6p

Frost Prime Systems 6p


Mag Prime Set 22p

Or 6p for any individual piece besides Systems and BP, which are 8p individually


Reaper Prime BP 5p

Reaper Handle 6p


Akbronco Prime BP 6p


Boar Prime Receiver 4p


Boltor Prime Receiver 4p


Braton Prime Barrel 4p


Whisper me ingame, name "tjkoko"

or add me on steam (much better option) http://steamcommunity.com/id/reinventingself/



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