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Buff All The Things! Especially Dera


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Dear DE, please buff Dera. It has very little to make up for the required research, its bullet travel speed and below average reload speed. Actually I don't have that much of a complaint regarding its reload speed, but it's something I come across from most anybody who'd bothered to use it. 


Some buff to its damage (maybe 3 or 4 points increase to its puncture) and bullet speed, pretty please? And I would swear my undying loyalty if you even topped it off with a small increase in status chance (from 10% to 15%)? 


Speaking of energy weapons Supra is probably in more dire need of a buff but Dera's my first love, please consider tweaking some older clan tech research weapons in general, please!

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Supra has slowest projectile speed. It has only 35 basic damage. When Boltor Prime came...Supras priority is gone.

Supra vs Boltor P.

DMG:                             Supra<Boltor P
Projectile Speed:           Supra<Boltor P

Reload time:                  Supra<Boltor P

Mastery rank needed:   Supra<Boltor P (boltor 2,Supra 7)

Crit chance and dmg:    Supra<Boltor P

Status Chance:             Supra<Boltor P

Reload time:                  Supra<Boltor P

Accuracy:                      Supra<Boltor P

Polarities:                      Supra<Boltor P (Boltor 2x,Supra 0x)

Magazine size:               Supra>Boltor P (OMG YES SO OP! 30 MORE ROUNDS THAT DEALS 20 LESS DMG EACH THAN BOLTOR P!! YES!!!)




Boltor Prime wins.


I dont give a fu*k its a prime. Supra is %&amp;^get Heavy Laser machine gun. I got 6 formas on it. AND MY 1x POLARIZED BOLTOR P. DOES MORE DMG THAN SUPRA!


Last time you have buffed Lanka.



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