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Some Minor Annoyances


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Minor annoyance number 1.


This is brindle (it's also a Great Dane)



The brindle pattern on Kubrow results in this.



Note that the stripes run fore and aft not side to side.  I don't know what pattern this is (skunk perhaps?) but it's not brindle.


Minor annoyance number 2


During the ship movement on the loading screen, the ship banks into turns if you move it left or right mimicking the movement of an airplane.  The reason that a plane banks is that the ailerons on the wing deflect the air flowing over the airfoil 1 wing up and 1 wing down which changes the direction of the plane (along with the rudder).  Pilot here and Yes I am greatly oversimplifying.  In space, no air, no wing, no aileron, no need to bank the ship to change direction.  Perhaps replace this with a rocket thruster effect showing maneuvering thrusters?  It may be the science nerd in me but it's really annoying.


Minor annoyance number 3


During the intro scene where the ship swoops down on the planet you are going to do a mission on, the swoosh is heard with a Doppler effect apparent. You are in space. No air.  If you are hearing what is going on with the ship, no doppler effect would be apparent.  If you are somehow out in space, no air to conduct sound so no doppler effect.  I know it's dramatic and lends apparent motion to the scene but it's grates on my nerves like the infamous line in Star Wars where Han Solo uses Parsec as a unit of time rather than distance.  AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!


None of these are, of course, game killers but they are like fingernails on a chalkboard every time I run into them.


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1. Brindle means "striped", so, technically speaking it's right.


2. We have thrusters all over the ship, if you didn't notice(4 on each side of the front, and 4 on each side). I'm not entirely sure how you think it would change direction, but having the minor thrusters angle the ship so that the main thrusters at the rear can propel it in the desired direction would make sense.


3. Space is not a vacuum. In a vacuum, no one can hear you scream. No particles to transmit the vibration. In space, you've got the interstellar medium, the solar winds, the vague atmospheres of different planets drifting miles upon miles from their surface, dark matter... it's been researched, and sound actually does travel in space, because there's actually a modestly dense amount of "stuff" out there.

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According to the Miriam Webster dictionary brindle is defined as having obscure dark streaks or flecks on a usually grray or tawny background.  However, looking at examples in the world of domestic animals, you will not find any where the brindle patern runs from fornt to back.  Secondly, since the color pattern can be ligth stripes on a dark background, that doesn't fit the definition either.


I did notice the "thrusters." There are none top and bottom that would cause the banking effect.  Also making a flat turn such as a helicopter is capable of would be a better model.


Yes, space is not a perfect vaccuum but the density of matter is low enough that sound transmission of the volume of the dopplered swoosh in the intro is not likely.


I haven't played any of the games mentioned by the previous poster so I can't speak to either their modelling of the real world given the assumptions of their creators or their enjoyability.  


Last post and I'll recommend that a mod lock the thread since I don't want to start a flame war on the subject and I doubt that either of us is going to budge in our position.

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