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Ive Been Thinking Of A Fat Warframe That Would Appear On April Fools As A Joke


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I've been thinking of a FAT warframe that would appear on April fools as a joke on April fools!


This is wut I think the warframe's stats should be:




















Grostique would be a VERY slow warframe when it comes to movement and melee speeds and it would be a great bullet sponge. He would have 4 diff. abillities that other warframes have. This is what i had in mind:


Power 1: breakfast

An ability that takes 5 sec. to complete. it restores 10 Health to the user


Power 2:Sugar rush

An ability that makes the user move the same speed as a normal warframe (ex. Loki,Volt,Mirage,ets...) for only 10 sec. though


Power 3: Crunch

An ability that targets one enemy. Grostique needs to be at melee range to activate the abillity. the user then Leeches 100 shield of an enemy and heals 50 Health in the process


Power 4: Smackdown

An abillity that is basically croud control. its like rhino's stomp but Throws the Enemies flying away. both alive and dead.



so thats is my idea. i hope the dev's see this and say "hey, thats a great idea" and if u have any ideas to contribute to this, please do so.





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(4) you forgot the candy crunch/crush ability: grostique crushes all enemies in a radius all enemies drop health/energy/finity orbs


(3) pancake flip: grostique pulverizes nearby bosses nocking them over dealing 500 damage to enemy health.


(3) marshmallow: grostique and an area surrounding him are enveloped in white mush slowing them.

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