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Oculus Rift In Warframe


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I am glad that Warframe isnt supporting it, tho it is pointless to support it when game is 3rd person.

I remember in Devstream 36, Steve said something about working on bringing Warframe to OR... though I may not be using it for Warframe, but I think it's always good to have more options for players who are using OR or want to play Warframe with OR.

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Yeah the technology is not quite finished, dev kit2 is out though so its getting closer. I think the motion sckness problems for games will be solved once the omni is more mainstream and gestured perfeclty in sync with movement in games. The STEM system and or VR gloves have the potential to change FPS forever, ideally letting you look in one direction while shooting in another.

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Who here has actually used the Rift dev kit?


If you had you'd know that Warframe would be _lethal_ on the Rift.


Any time movement is forced that is not eased in or directly controlled by the head tracking you risk _nasty_ motion sickness, and this isn't an everyone is different thing. I was at a party where over 10 people tried the rift. Flight sims were great, gentle head driven FP (no strafing) were also fine, but the _second_ you start strafing in HL2 they whole thing changes. The most anyone lasted in HL2 was 10 mins before running for the back garden to retch.


3rd person is completely out of the question, first person with Warframe's movement style would have people running for the bathroom in minutes. It's not worth the work.

I do!


And yeah, HL2 was brutal. My girlfriend and I took turns getting nauseous.


Playing Warframe on the Oculus Rift is fun even in 2D at least. I'm using Virtual Desktop. Having a gigantic floating 2d screen with a background of space is quite pleasant.




It would, of course, be more pleasant with less pixellation. I can't wait until the CV1 is released.


Anywho, I absolutely agree that a first person 3D view in Warframe wouldn't work. Heck, a first person 2D view in Warframe might even be a bit tough.


However, a 3rd person 3D view may be tolerable. Yet it would have its own challenges. I've been playing Skyrim in 3D, and I noticed that playing in third person changes 'a little nauseous' to 'no nauseous'. I never move my head; it works! No aiming is really needed in hitbox land, and the field of view is pleasant to look at while fighting/moving still. What tends to get me are the up.down head (camera) turns. In a third person view, side to side motion is far more tolerable. So I could see a 3D Warframe working... I'd probably have the camera (head) angled just slightly towards the ground and stick to melee weapons though. Either that or leg/torso shots xD. I can't think of a good way to implement aiming in a third person view like that. I guess I'd be willing to move my head around for zoomed shots as I wouldn't be moving around anyways. Also, I'd probably be less jump happy. At last, a cure for slide/jump spamming ;) (speaking of which - having the follow cam be less rigid and more gradual/fluidly intelligent for direct up/down vertical movements could help in the parkour nauseous scene. What jumps up usually comes back down. Why go all the way up and all of the way down?).




I could be wrong. I haven't yet played anything that would have those exact conditions. Even without the aiming element (chop chop chop or #4 spam as you wish), the movements in Warframe are vastly different than a game like Skyrim. I just think that there's a hint of feasibility there until experimentation, which could very well prove otherwise. 

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