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Some people saying that we're just like the bad guys and some saying Lotus is the true villain behind all of this which makes me thinking,imagine if ur Tenno is urself...

U were sleeping and grineer wants to kill u or want to make u a grineer army with brain washing method or whatever,and corpus want to dissect u and sell ur organs/create zanuka out of ur armor

What if Lotus didn't save u from cyrostatis condition?

What is ur best bet when u just woke up? U're going to give urself to grineer? Or u want to go to corpus? Lol

I know stalker is saying we're the bad guys or whatever but remember,grineer think what they do is right,corpus think what they do is right,of course the stalker too,that's probably why he's saying we're not innocent,since in his way of view what he doing is the right thing too...remember,his codex only saying his "diary" not the truth lol

The only thing that really bug me is why did he get mad whenever we kill bosses :/

They're not his family or something

So tell me what u guys think about this? Pls keep this discussion clean

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