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Warframe Blowgun


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So the other day, I made this thread, and promised to post the idea over the weekend. And so, here it is: 


Hello all, 


I would like to introduce an idea of mine that is an unique Primary weapon, as it has not been seen within Warframe. The content is below: 


The primary weapon (name needed) is a blowgun, in which the player shoots the blowgun through electromagnetic induction, activated when the character places the blowgun near the general area of the mouth (I assume that Warframes would have mouths, or something of the sort, since we can see breath mists in cryogenic leakage missions). The design is inspired from the traditional look of the blowgun, but made with bamboo that has not been smoothed out, along with some elements of a sniper rifle. The image is below (WIP, may need to trim down on the radius to make it more thin and easier to carry): 




Now, onto the technical details: 


Maximum ammo capacity: 36 sniper rounds

Magazine size: 0 rounds per magazine

Damage: 15 Puncture, 90 Magnetic

Fire rate: 0.25 rounds per second

Accuracy: 15.0 (100.0 when Aimed)

Critical chance: 10%

Critical damage: 1.75x

Status chance: 35%

Projectile speed: 120 m/s

Trigger: Semi-auto


A special thing about this weapon is that it can double up as an improvised staff, if the player has no melee weapon equipped. That means for this weapon, there will be 90 mod points for it at Rank 30, with an Orokin Catalyst, and have 10 mod slots, along with a melee stance aura (which means a player can swap to equipping a melee weapon). The weapon will accept Rifle, Sniper and Melee mods, but Rifle and Sniper mods will only affect the weapon when it is shooting while the Melee mods will only affect the weapon when it is used as a melee weapon. Thus, the weapon stats, when used as a melee weapon, is below: 


Damage: 25 Impact, 5 Puncture

Spin attack damage: 75 damage

Jump attack damage: 90 damage

Wall attack: 110 damage

Radius of jump attack: 1.5m

Attack speed: 1.2

Critical chance: 5%

Critical damage: 1.5x

Status chance: 15%

Targets: 3


When the player presses the Equip Melee button, the character will first press the button on the blowgun, which will detach the sniper scope, then the character will pocket the sniper scope and use the blowgun as a melee weapon (animation time of 0.5s). When the player reverts to the Primary weapon, the character takes out the sniper scope and pushes it in back to the slot (animation time of 0.5s). 


For Quick Melee, the character will not do the animation (although that would mean I would need to remove the sniper scope off from the design, in order to make some sense with the weapon). 


The polarities of the weapon will be: 


One V Polarity

One Dash Polarity


The Mastery Rank of this weapon will be 4, and it will be placed in the Tenno Lab, with the following research requirements: 


5,000 Credits

1 Morphics

500 Alloy Plates

1 Gallium

500 Circuits

Research time: 48 hours

Prerequisites: None


The manufacturing requirements are as thus:


Blueprint price: 15,000 Credits

5,000 Credits 

2 Gallium

1,500 Circuits

2,500 Alloy Plates

1 Forma

Time: 12 hours

Rush: 35 Platinum


The flavour text of this weapon is below: 


This weapon was crafted by the Tenno who liked a mixture of technology and Old Earth tradition. The design, inspired by Old Earth tribes, hides its deadly method of shooting magnetic darts through electromagnetic induction, destroying even the most heavily-shielded enemies. 


Please note that this is a rough draft, and will change over time. 


Please take the time to read this thread, and provide any constructive feedback and criticism for improvement. 



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Warframes don't have mouths. Seriously. The intro story stuff basically says we're just energy and the suits are conduits that shape it.


Then again we also apparently need oxygen to live and Frost needs a heat generator to stay safe on a cold planet. What the F*** do we know.

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