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Getting Kicked When Joining Games.


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I've been having this problem also, even with clan groups. If im sitting in the lobby/tenno ship i get dropped, from squad anywhere from 5seconds to a minute, but once im in game im fine. checked the network analyzer and it said everything was nominal.

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I've been getting this too, really bad. I recently started playing Warframe again after a long absence. Getting invited to a game already in progress works with no issues, but I can't seem to stay in a squad I've been invited to for more than a few seconds. I get dropped over and over.

I also can't seem to vote to start a mission. I hit Vote, but the icon above mine doesn't change to a checkmark, and usually I get dropped a moment later.

I've actually tried reinstalling the game, thinking it was some part of a botched update or remnants of configuration from the pre-UI update version I'd been playing that were causing it. That hasn't helped.

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Happening to me also, since the recent update, I can't even get the new mods due to this crap...




I've tried everything, firewell exception, optimize files and verify, changed ports, nothing is working, and I can't play the game.



Seriously pointless to put in rare mods and whatnot when people can't even play!!!!! Constantly getting kicked from host! 



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Yup I have so many headaches when im hosting void missions - I pick a team then probably 80% of the time when we all go to the void I lose one or more of my team and have to try and  reinvite them. 


Ive started typing in long warning messages in squad chat telling people not to freak out at me and whisper me for a re-invite if they get kicked. 


Had this problem for a few weeks now - super annoying obviously..

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