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It's Too Much Work.


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I am not a fan of the way the planets are put in a big circle...

but otherwise I am mostly just as able to navigate quickly through the menus now as I ever was.

There was of course a learning period...but the functionality has not been lessened to a meaningful degree.

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All but one or two things in that list were already steps you'd have to take.


It's perfectly okay to dislike the changes to the interface, but this post is seriously full of holes.

No, formerly, I could swap between arsenal and starmap in a single click, and selecting a mission wouldn't cancel out merely because I wanted to make a final check of my gear. It was one click to open it, one to close it, if I felt like doing so(didn't actually have to close it).

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Actually, I could do extractors with 5 clicks, total, under the old system.


As for "unnecessary steps", no, I actually *do* check my equipment, and I actually *do* have to go in  and out of the stupid navigation thing to reach the arsenal and then go back to the mission, so while you may be playing in a totally different manner than I am that does not include such steps, that is how I think, that is how I play, and that's what I have to put up with, and I don't like it at all.


EDIT: And before anyone starts spouting off "PLAY LIKE ME!" responses, no.


You don't have to leave the nav console to see what you have equipped. Mousing over your player icon in the upper left will show you. You can also click on the little white box with the lines in it to access the quick menu, that cuts three steps off your list.

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"Serioiusly exaggerating" what?


Let's say I log on, and want to play an alert. First up, I want to collect my extractors.


I have to:

1. Open navigation, and find the planets my extractors are on.

2 click once to open the planet.

3. click once to collect the extractor.

4. through 24. <-if you wanted to take it this would be faster. It was the opposite way in the old system. Its situationaly faster or slower.

25. click once to exit out to navigation.

26. click once to exit out to liset mode.

27. visit my foundry.

28. click once to reach my finished constructions. <-You HAD to check your constructions before doing the Alert mission?

29. click once per construction to claim(yay! I like this part)

30. click once to exit out to liset mode.

31. visit my incubator.

32. click once to feed my kubrow, if needed. <-You HAD to check your Kubrow before doing the Alert mission? Also, they are am additional feature not in the old UI.

33. click once to exit out to liset mode.

34. visit my arsenal.

35. decide on a loadout(this part is still fairly straight forward, so long as I don't need to upgrade any mods)

36. visit my navigation

37. click a planet with an alert.

38. find the alert<-So, basically, we need a way to quick jump to alerts again. I agree.

39. click out to navigation mode.

40. click out to liset mode.

41. open my escape menu so I can look over whether or not my current equipment is indeed ideal for the mission.

42. either open the arsenal(click equip and then click arsenal) or go back to navigation.

43. click the planet.

44. find the alert AGAIN.

45. click the alert.

46--I can finally play my first mission. <-you could have played it sooner, you chose to do several other things first.


That's not exciting, it's tedious. <-Extractor system was always tedious.


If you think I wasn't playing that many hours before, I was. If you don't think my play time amount has dropped dramatically, it has.


I spend a lot more time thinking about playing warframe than actually bothering to play warframe, and dreading the whole clickfest to get anywhere seems to be the best(and only) reason I can puzzle out. I like my weapons, I like my kubrows, I like chopping enemy-of-the-moment into tiny pieces at high speed.

You really stretched that out.

Seems like having to pop in and out of liset mode was the real extra click that kept showing up.

Other than that we need a quick jump to alerts, and I have always wanted a way to grab/deploy extractors en masse.

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Well we don't have end game or insane hard non randomized missions, or good PvP yet. 

With 3 active extractors no problem but it would be kinda nice to just put new into same places with one button.

Also why exit to check equipment goes out of navigation and leaves mission target if not in group?
there are 3 type of users in menus
mouse users does not work
keyboard does not work
hybrid somehow seems to work

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Who would have thought that actually being immersed in the world the Tenno live in would be "tedious" and "horrible" and a "waste of time".


I like the way things are.  I want to see a bit more immersion, but with some functionality improvements for sure.


We all agree that extractors should be claimable all at once, sure.  Re-deploying?  Maybe...but laying them all down one at a time prevents botting, so that's good.


There's still some improvements to be made to the mod interface, and I'm sure it'll get better with time...but nobody's forcing you to do all of those steps before playing.  That's just your own personal choice there.  Do you really need to add to your hoard of likely dozens or thousands of all the materials?

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My two biggest gripes are:

1. arsenal should be a top level menu, like seriously. Oh sure it's "only one extra click" (actually it's an extra click + mouse movement, if you try to be too fast, like me. You'll be seeing a lot of the Foundry, and hitting escape from the foundry brings you back to the Liset, great fun) but how often do you open the arsenal during a regular play session? Seriously often I'd think, combined with gripe No2 that makes for a lot of wasted time.


2. menu transitions: I want to get things done, and get them done fast, like, really fast, the menus are just too slow.


Combining 1 & 2 makes it so I can't easily do a quick change to my gear while the countdown to the next mission is already ongoing anymore. Sure I could just make everybody wait for me, but I didn't have to do so in the past as such the new UI has robbed me the ability to do something I could do with the old one.


I also am not a big fan of the new solar map, progression is less clear than before and I greatly preferred to be able to see all the planets and missions and how they related to one another. That said, while I dislike it, I don't dislike it enough to make a fuss over it and I can see how it is a lot more console friendly than the old one.

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If anything I just want the old starmap back--nothing breaks my precious immersion like a screen full of giant static balls that I need to remember are different planets. Also it really bothers me when it does that weird transition moving from mods menu to arsenal and vice versa. Why does it need to do that even when I'm using the ESC menu so I don't have to deal with extra fluff?


While the new UI (even the atrocity that is the current mod UI) doesn't stop me from playing the game I can see why some folks who are lazier or closer to being burnt out of Warframe would find it hindering. 

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Oh man, I hate how checking my extractors takes a lot more time than it used to. I don't mean it takes a lot of time (I still find it tedious though), but in comparison to how it used to work, it does take a lot more time now...

I miss the old star chart too. It was nice the way it looked, and it was easier to find the planets, though I got used to the new interface very easily.

I do like how immersive it feels though. You are the tenno, moving around in your ship, pressing buttons, playing with your Kubrow(s), watching the foundry at work... I like that immersive feel.^^

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