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Alternatives To Hammerspace


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Just a quick poke at the animators. Please try to keep hammerspace to a minimum. I know it's not CoD. I don't expect a big bandolier of rifle mags flapping around my tenno or anything. A Karak mag from hammerspace where the camera doesn't see it is totally fine. It's not ARMA, I don't need to account for the weight.


But Castanas are bigger than light bulbs and I'm tossing them three at a time from both hands... The throwing dagger/star setup is great for thin throwing weapons that could be stacked up like pringles or coins in a spring-loaded coin holder but the next time we decide to throw something BIG, consider having the objects pulled from a container in the left hand and thrown with the right. This container would take the left hip position when holstered and be held in the left hand when equipped, leaving the right hip position open for another object which could be used by the right hand to reload the left hand container.



If we make another weapon with a battery, consider mounting a second battery ON the weapon in something that looks like it's recharging the battery. The reload animation would swap the two batteries, rather than pull new ones from hammerspace again and again like with the Spectra.


For liquid ammo, rather than pulling a whole new reservoir from hammerspace you could include a secondary reservoir and perform an animation like refilling a syringe, or remove the weapon reservoir and attach it to the reserve reservoir somehow, let it fill with a slurpy sound effect then re-attach the weapon reservoir to the weapon.


When using an object to load ammo -spring clips, hoppers, loaders- rather than discarding the object that loaded the ammo, replace it into a container or part of the weapon and play a clinky clangy sound, implying that pushing it back into where it's stored has refilled it with ammo for the next time it's pulled out and used.




Thank you for reading and I would like to thank you on behalf of all the rabbits, doves and snakes working with magicians from across the universe, for not using their hammerspace habitat to store dangerous munitions any more than is necessary.

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i think the problem with Throwns like Castanas is the holster is completely open and we can't have say, a 'black shroud effect' to create the 'could be legit' look of having a holster that you reach inside of to get the thingamajigs.



the rest of the points here allow Reloads to still be space magic while looking plausible, so i'd say go for it.

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