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Cleaning Out My Inventory, Eyeball My Stuff

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Alright, need plats bad, got too much stuff anyway, so heres a little list


Prime parts:


Orthos Prime BP - 6pt

Orthos Prime Handle - 6pt

Sicarus Prime BP - 6pt

Boar Prime Receiver - 10pt

Boar  Prime Barrel - 8pt

Boltor Prime Receiver - 10pt

Boltor Prime Barrel - 10pt

3 Fang Prime Blades - 6pt

Fang Prime Handle - 6pt

2 Paris Prime Lower Limbs - 6pt




Cleaving Whirlwind - 20pt

Pointed Wind - 15pt

Gemini Cross - 12pt

Shimmering Blight - 10pt

Burning Wasp - 10pt


Rare mods


Blind Rage - 30pt

Constitution - 20pt

Narrow Minded - 20pt

Rage - 20pt

Barrel Diffusion - 20pt

Vigor - 10pt

Also got all the "regular" rare mods like intensify, streamline, continuity and so on, can sell them cheap if you need them.


Alsox2  if somebody needs maxed Serration, I can sort you out with one for around  180pt range


Just made a quick list here, if you need any other mods, just ask me, i will see if I have them. Prices are flexible, im sure we can come up with a fair deal. Will be on for couple hours from now and will keep checking my PMs if you want to agree on time.

Oh yea, my IGN same as forum - Nerevar22g

May Profit be with you.

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