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Which Top Melee Would You Pick?


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So here i'm going to list one of the best melees in the game! now i'm not going to say all complete detail of states, but I will get to the point. You say the one you like of this list or out of this list.


Guys I just like to add that I'm only trying to list the top melees in the game and not to compare with others. Now you can state your favorite best melee which is great, but I'm only going to stick with what I know of the best all around melee weapons.


Dakra Prime, it has the highest base damage of all long swords but with the crimson dervish mod, it will add over 300% overall damage the weapon has. Making the weapon doing the highest damage per swing in the game.


Dragon Nikana, it has the highest base damage of all melee weapons.


Dual Ichor, this has the highest damage per second melee in the game (Note; to make this the highest damage per second weapon you will need to add the berserker mod as each swing with a critical will add more seconds of speed.)


Kronen, it has the highest base damage of all dual wielding weapons, also has the highest spin attack. 


Bo Prime, has the highest base damage of impact.


Karyst, has the highest base damage of all daggers.


Jat kittag, has the biggest knock down attacks in the game.


Orthos Prime, has the longest reach attack (Note; to make it the longest reach weapon, add the reach mod.)


Glaive Prime, "one" of the only melee weapons you can throw at your foes.


Scoliac, has "one" of the best copter and great stats with damage, range, speed, and knock down.


Fang Prime, has the highest base damage of puncture. 


Tell me which weapon you like the most out of this list or your personal favorite.

I will also be updating this topic often. 

Update1: High lighted the weapon names to help you see them better. 

Update 2: Added the Orthos Prime!

Update 3: Added the Glaive Prime!

Update 4: Added more information.

Update 5: Added the Scoliac!

Update 6: Added the Fang Prime!

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Serro, as it has a massive aoe jump and it's my status-slapping-stick of choice. I don't use melee for damage, since melee doesn't do squat against levels 80 or above. Still, you can slap viral on everything you see, which makes them a lot easier for teammates to kill.



Oh, or radiation. It's always amusing to slide attack through a crowd and make them go crazy. Plus, near-infinite stunlocking with status effects is quite good as well.

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Serro and Dual Kamas. I know they aren't top tier weapons, but I love them.

Don't forget to add to your list the Dakra and the Orthos Prime!

For me its:

1) Dual Kamas - Cool, with high damage and fast

2) Serro - Polearm = Fun, has insane proc and laser blades.

3) Obex - Makes energy clouds when you attack, everyone loves breakdance

4) Machete Wraith - Love the design, great stance, well balanced.

5) Gram - Laser blades, x3 damage when spinning, and I love spinning :D

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Fang prime is good all around, but suffers if you channel too much.

Galatine has spin2win and the fun factor that many weapons don't

Heat Sword procs like a mutha and makes fire explosions

Glaive prime gets skipped over by many, but the aoe damage and range is really nice. Plus once you get the hang of it you feel like a baus

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Jat Kittag is my all time favorite melee weapon. Sure I use Dakra Prime and Dragon Nikana but I have the most fun with Jat Kittag. Who doesn't have fun with a freaking rocket hammer. If I had to make a personal top 5 I'd be.


1. Jat Kittag - Fun factor and design.

2. Dual Ichors - Fun fast and deadly.

3. Dragon Nikana - Name is cool and damage is good.

4. Dakra Prime - Got to love the 3x damage.

5. Silva & Aegis - Design

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Kronen was released with a stance that had three combos already and they work together like a little ability kit where as most weapons came out with just one, or two that weren't really that related so much as just different options. The cool thing is, both of the Kronen combos use block for the modifier, just activated at different times, so you can very easily swap combos and work your way around a room just using Mouse2 to select your moves.


I used a radial disarm build w/Kronen to do T3 survival the other night with a friend and it was a blast. Taps for killing groups of trash, block early to move around, block late to DPS a heavy and slam into a dogpile when they got HP spongey. Felt like a much more complete and thorough design than anything else I've used.


The stamina cost on it is a bit high, but not as bad as Ichors.

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Glaive Prime is my favourite melee weapon. It has decent damage, however, it is a very capable copter weapon even without speedmods and the ability throw it makes melee only much easier because it can take out cameras, ospreys etc. It can also be thrown without melee equipped so that's another plus. I dont think any melee can get close this level of utility, except of course regiular glaive and kestrel.

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The only ones I would touch are Bo Prime and Jet Hammer.


The rest are either:


A. Disgusting looking.

B. Made specifically for tools.

C. Worthless.


Can mix and match the above 3 choices for some of them.


Out of the OP's selection obviously.


Edit: Forgot about Jet Hammer, added to the usable list.

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Nami Skyla is my Favourite!


Highest slide Dmg, good coptering, high attack speed and good dmg.


Just keep sliding for your daily Bloodbath!


Sorry man Kronen has 90 more spin damage. ;-;


Edit: Though Kronen has way worse range then Nami Skyla, that's the ballancing the DE used to keep the Kronen from being OP. :p


Kronen is more powerful to Nami Skyla, but is sure harder to hit with.

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Bo prime is amazing. Great status chance, good at crowd controlling enemies due to the stagger and wide-reaching attacks + range, excellent combos (with clashing forest), good attack speed and damage, good coptering, looks amazing and zero forma required. In particular, using the 'resolute flurry' combo on clashing forest results in massive single target bursts of damage, and the default eee hits multiple times and has a lot of momentum.


Runner up is probably dual ichors. One of the better offhand weapons in the game because you mash e a few times and instantly turn anything in front of you into mincemeat + increased attackspeed from berserker = insane coptering. 

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