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Chrono Warframe


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Egyptian Art Themed Warframe


*Scarab Shelled Armor Texture, Cloth wrapping soft armors, Seeping Sands Power Projection, Helmet reminiscently styled egyptian pantheons but fitting in the warframe universe still. 


*Default Colors would be Sandstone/Tan Majority with sapphire blue and dark (near black unless under proper light) blues armors


*Energy Color is a Golden Orange. 


Power 1

Decay - Hurls a bolt of Chono's sand down range ensuring caught enemies into a time accelerated death. Damage done against affected targets increase and procs are empowered and have a higher chance of happening. 


Power 2

Sand Devil


Surround yourself with Chonosand and rush the enemy and surround them in time freezing sands. Damage done to enemies is only applied after the effect is worn off. 



Power 3

Fleeting Grasp


Protect allies and decimate enemy defenses. Allies are hastened in their attacks, extend their buff duration and lower the procs times against them are lowered. While enemy attacks are slowed and procs against them extended. 



Power 4



Creates a large circular AOE that slows down all enemies and projectiles within it. Projectiles can be easily knocked back into enemies at full by simply running into them.




Introduced weapons to compliment the Frame


1 Handed Sword - Faction Tenno


Warframe this up. 


Has Executioner, stealth, and ragdolled damage bonus. Medium Swinger. Average Slash Damage.


'Scarab' Machine Pistol - Potential Tenno, Infested, Grineer

Projectile Based - Fast Dart

This beetle looking pistol darts that detonates with a guaranteed proc if sufficient are clustered on a single target or area; Default Element would be puncture and fire.


'Crocodile' Machine Gun - Potential Tenno, or Grineer

Spin Up, Projectile Based - Fast 'knife'

This 'grinning' menace accelerates its belt of its teeth like arrowheads to throw down range impaling them into enemies





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