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Kyzrath's Storefront

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Greetings and welcome to my humble shop. Feel free to peruse my articles. I gather Prime weapon parts as well as Prime Warframe parts, various mods and sometimes other, interesting pieces.



Prime Parts:




Boar Prime Receiver *3

Boltor Prime Stock *5

Boltor Prime Barrel

Latron Prime Barrel

Paris Prime String *2

Sicarus Prime Barrel *4




Mag Prime Chassis

Rhino Prime Systems

Loki Prime Blueprint





Warframe mods:




Natural Talent





Rifle Amp

Enemy Radar

Rifle Scavenger

Sniper Scavenger

Loot Detector



Rifle mods:



Split Chamber *2

Vital Sense *2

Wildfire (one rank 1, one unranked)


Shotgun mods:


Accelerated Blast *3

Hell's Chamber



Bow mods:




Pistol mods:


Ice Storm

Lethal Torrent


Steady Hands *2

Stunning Speed


Melee mods:


Energy Channel

Focus Energy *2

Rending Strike *3

Sundering Strike *2




Iron Phoenix

Malicious Raptor (maxed)

Seismic Palm *3

Clashing Forest

Eleventh Storm *3

Fracturing Wind *2 (both maxed, makes your life easier)

Gemini Cross (one maxed, one not)

Grim Fury

Reaping Spiral (one maxed, one rank one)

Shattering Storm (maxed)

Swirling Tiger



Fusion Cores:


None yet, but I'll be gathering a bunch to slap on here.



Enjoy your stay.


In-game name: Kyzrath

Contact me via PM in game or though a message on the forums, or even post here. I follow WFtrading prices and tend to go on the cheap side, since everyone should have a right to pwn on the cheap.

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