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Questions About The Stalker



So I'm trying to make the Stalker spawn and I got some questions, since the wiki was confusing about some things:


1) Does the Stalker encounter chance increase with more marks?

2) Does the Stalker encounter chance increase/decrease when in group? and with low level weapons?

3) Is the Stalker more likely to appear in certain missions? Are higher level missions better for him? Does he like Nightmare missions more?


These are my questions :)

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Thanks for answering


His answear wasn't compeltly correct.

1) It doesn't matter how many deathmarks you have, but if someone joins your team with an active deathmark the chance for stalker increases.

2)Stalker spawnchance increases when you are in a group with other players with an active deathmark. Low Level Gear doesn't decrease the Spawnchance. But you will have to ahve a Warframe with atleast lvl 5. If your warframe is below level 5 the Stalker won't spawn

3) The stlaker can spawn in any mission except for the Dojo.

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