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1000 Platinum, What Do You Buy?



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Inventory slots definitely, they are by far the most useful thing you can get with plat.

And if you are a collector, 1000 plat is not even enough to get enough slots to house ALL the weapons and warframes.

But getting a few slots to start out to get a collection that you feel comfortable with is the way to go, from there feel free to buy cosmetics at your leisure, and Orokin Catalysts/Reactors if you really like a weapon and cannot bear to wait for an invasion reward or a Devstream to give you one.

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Inventory slots as needed, maybe some color palettes if you really need them and a syandana of your choice if you want to look cool.


Priority to inventory slots though.


This. All is this. This is the only way! (if you feel the need for efficient spending on a low budget or 0 budget beyond what you have now)

(or you can play the market game, obviously.)

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it´s very easy! You ONLY buy slots, potatoes, forma and cosmetics in this game. These are hardly or not at all farmable and you need a S#&$load of them. Everything else can easily be aqcuired by just playing the game. Do not spend your Plat on Weapons that you caould easily have build on your own. 

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