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Warframe- Ps4 Or Pc?



So I finally managed to get my hands on a decent PC (albeit its not precisely under my ownership), and I was wondering if I should become a PC player. I'm not really that worried about starting again, I'm just wondering, on which is the gameplay more enjoyable.

I know PC has far more accuracy than a PS4, in terms of gunplay, but what about melee, movement, and the use of skills? The PS4 controller is amazingly calibrated for Warframe, is it worth changing my primary Warframe base to PC?

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I have almost 2 times more plat on my pc account than on my ps4 account right now but I mostly play on ps4


- Big tv screen vs 14" laptop

- Main menu on pc is very unoptimized, the laptop's fans gets very loud, but during actual game it gets quiet and I get ~200fps.

- ps4 has better recruiting chat, trading chat, better prices. Also forum ps4 Trading Post is better organized

- Everyone on ps4 experiences same problems. Ex if there are 4 mirages spamming skills and bombarding everything, everyone will lag so they would stop doing stupid things. On pc, the one with better pc will keep spamming stuff while those with toasters will be rage quiting.

Good things about pc are:

- better support

- fast updates with both bad and awesome/fun bugs.

- Mouse and keyboard for aiming/abilities/typing/hotkeys.

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You can still use a controller with a pc. I play with an xbox 360 controller. It is harder to aim but since you play on ps4 it shouldn't make a difference. If using a keyboard is unappealing you can buy a gaming keypad which makes keys more accessible (I have an old nostromo n52 I use occasionally).

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PC. You get content faster (albeit with more bugs than PS4) and you get to use a mouse and keyboard (and can use a controller if you like that better).


I don't know if you have pay for online on PS4 but if you do then another plus is not having to pay for internet twice.

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Watching all the PC players enjoy new content, and understanding and comprehending the fact that ps4 will never see "new" content makes it impossible for me to recommend a console.

All the awesome stuff that happens in warframe happens 2 months before we ever see it. By the time it gets to us, PC players have already found all the exploits and easy ways to finish whatever the newest event is. Results and such are plastered all over the forums. Just lather, rinse, repeat.

It's a sad existence.

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From what I've gathered here, the controls seem better optimized for PS4. I'll go with that.



Well, yes and no? 

wasd / 1234 + mouse is not bad if you ARE a pc gamer.  Pretty standard stuff here, and if you have used this combo for the past 20 years like every other pc gamer or you have your own similar scheme with keyboard & mouse, or a gaming mouse, or whatever, the pc controls could be as good or better than anything else.   Consider also that you can simply BUY a usb controller that is exactly like any console controler out there.   You can also tap a variety of third party backgroun programs like teamspeak or raidcall or whatever which may or may not be available for your console (I think the consoles have a voip program but last time I used it, for modern warfare a couple years back, the quality was horribad).


the reason to use something other than a PC is more about what you HAVE without buying more stuff.   If you have a console hooked to a sweet TV screen and sound system and so on, and like that setup, while your PC is a 10 year old laptop, use your console.  If instead you have a crappy tv but a hot gaming PC setup, you might prefer the PC.  

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