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What If Kubrow Eggs Were Kubrow Alerts?


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Everyone hates how Kubrow eggs are impossible to find and farm and how they roll and fly all over the place and that you need a carrier just to get them at some points in time, so what if we made this easier for everyone and just made Kubrow eggs alerts? The first quest we get about Kubrow "Howl of the Kubrow" intercepts a message exactly as the following:





Dr. Intehb,

You have had the Orokin Incubator Segment for months and still you've produced nothing but genetic rejects. You promised me a Kubrow worthy of an Orokin prince, not a misshapen ball of hair and teeth.

At great expense, I have procured another batch of eggs from the forests of Earth. They will reach your facility on Elara shortly. Do not waste these as you did the last ones.

I will have my Kubrow of my own. If you are not up to the task, I will find someone who is.

Frohd Bek




Of course this talks about the Incubator and how someone wants a Kubrow as their own personal pet but then why cant these Kubrow eggs be alert missions as if we are intercepting Corpus shipments? Would this not solve the problem of the egg farming and also of the egg drop rates if alerts just popped up at certain times insuring us a egg that the Corpus had stolen or had bought in some black market underground place?


Even if it was Grineer that we stole it from or maybe just an alert from someone anyone would this not be better and destroy the farming issues people have had? Heck maybe even still let Kubrow eggs be drops off earth and allow this alert system as well, that way everyone is happy new and old players alike?


What are your thoughts Tenno? You guys think this is a good idea or maybe just hopeful thoughts of trying to fix a old problem?

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