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Boltor Prime Appearance (Option To Remove Golden Metal Thingy From Underside)


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So the Boltor Prime is my baby, i love it to death, always have always will. But theres one thing ive never liked about it and thats the golden metal thing on the underside that goes along the outside from the handle to up near the tip of the gun. I really dont know what to call it. The warframes put their left hand on it when they are holding it.


Basically,IMO, it ruined the whole appearance transition from normal to prime, making the original still the better looking gun(but with the stats it has, its easy to ignore). Can we have an option to remove it or can you just remove it altogether? It looks really bad, and the removal of it would just complete the gun, IMO.

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so not to be rude but you think they would change the model because it doesn't fit your personal tastes


because I like it but really think about it

You think you might learn some more grammar before talking so much crap? i asked if we can have an option to change it.



If you want to use an OP weapon, then you have to deal with it being ugly. It should at least have that as a drawback.

I have and will but didnt think it would hurt to ask.

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