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{Aesthetic} - Looking For Members!


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Who we are:
We are the clan Aesthetic, a couple of players which started warframe when it came on steam (I think that was about when open beta started).
This clan was actually just for us, but now we decided to expand.
We are all very friendly and try to help whenever we can.

What we currently have to offer:

- Completed Clan Research
- A clan emblem (which we will most likely update in the future)
- And a waaaaay too large dojo for just 5 people :D

Things we might be offering if Aesthetic gets more members:

- Clan Events
- Clan Competitions
- Voice chat options (TS3, Raidcall)
- Forum (well that's what would come if we REALLY grow)

- Future Alliance


1. Seeker (You'll start with this rank)
2. Hunter
3. Eagle
4. Tiger
5. Dragon
6. Sage
7. Master


Core members:

- Pearlkryer, MR 17, Master
- Stealth2996, MR 12, Master
- Legnock, MR 11, Tiger
- Aazeon, MR 8, Tiger
- Mistery1337, MR 9, Eagle




- -CdG-Chocolate_Cat, MR 12, Seeker

- Starbux61, MR 3, Seeker


Dojo Layout:

As of now our Dojo has 2 Main floors (and another one for reactors but I don't count that one):

First floor (clan tech is here):

Second floor (you'll spawn here):


Well, how do I join?

At the moment we are looking for 18 players.
The requirements are:

- Be somewhat active (at least once a week, so we know you're still playing)
- Have fun and don't complain too much.
- If you write in clan chat, you should be able to write in english. (please not google translator english, I really mean it, like fo real bruh)
- Be friendly to other people. (even to people not from our clan)

If you fulfill all requirements, write a little introduction or just reply with a "I would like to join!" and we will invite you as soon as we can!

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