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What Ever Happened To...


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Having just completed a mission in which we got the Lotus line


"Change of plans, leave nothing alive on this ship."


left me wondering what ever happened to the double missions.


For those new to Warframe, ever now and then you would do a mission and upon completing the main objective the Lotus would say


"Sensors indicate an Orokin Artifact is aboard this ship, retrieve it before extracting."




"We have discovered sensitive material on board, retrieve the data before extracting."


Would be nice to get these double objective missions back on rare occasions and have them pay double the posted reward upon completion, since you are completing two objectives.

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It still happens, but seemingly much more rarely. I just did the Oryx helmet alert and it went from Deception to Exterminate. We don't have Raid anymore so the artifact retrieval 2nd objective won't happen.

This reminds me of how Vor's Prize has a mission where there's two objectives, and where the odds were increased when the 2nd objective popped up (optional to do too). I hope that this kind of thing gets implemented for real, with more polish and such.



Those were mini quests, we still get them every once in like 6 months.


I believe you don't know exactly what we're talking about here. Reread the first post and what I wrote as well. It might shed a bit more light.

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I have it happen on about a 5% rate of missions, I'd say. I record all my mission plays for use in making Youtube videos, so I get to review a lot. About one in every twenty missions has a change.


This happens more frequently in Derelict, where it's more like a 40% chance of change, except on Derelict Defense.


Edit: On actually marking and running the numbers of my videos, it's actually more like a 2% chance (one in fifty missions). I had two that were close together that threw me off.

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Double missions ended as mess in most cases.



Oh, you are doing spy mission, let me send you to get 4 more datamasses -Lotus.



Oh, you are doing rescue mission, let me send you to free another rescue target on the other side of the ship -Lotus



I always hated double missions, as they were idiotic and had no sense.

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