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I Have 1400 Platinum And Would Like Some Advice On How To Spend It; Wisely!

(XBOX)A C 0 G N I T 0


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Slots and more slots.


Seriously though

1) Never buy warframes or weapons with platinum. You can rush them if you'd like, otherwise it's a waste.

2) Buy slots, therefore you can keep weapons and warframes that you enjoy.

3) Cosmetics, if you want. (Syandanas or Armor.)

4) Buy mods from other players you're too lazy to farm.

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Slots, catalysts, reactors. Don't buy formas.


If you don't have, buy serration and hornet strike, both maxed. You can buy them for 150 each one.


Then, some maxed (or at least level 7) corrupteds like Narrow Minded (200), Blind Rage (200~300) and Heavy Caliber (250~350). If you don't want to waste your time with some unfair farming, buy the stances and prime parts you need AND don't pay more than 35pl in any of them. 

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How to wisely use plat: Slots, and the occasional potato (buy the rotten ones, not the gold ones. it's better investment!)


Also try trading as well. With that much, you can buy and resell quite a bit. Just know what you're doing beforehand. Though, I doubt that people still yet have any of the good stuff to trade in XB1.

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Even if you have over a thousand platinum, don't let people scam you with overpriced junk in the trading tab, if you want to buy mods and parts from other players. Look at the general price that people put, talk to some others (friends, forum, etc), and get your own idea of pricing items.

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As said, never spend platinum on Warframes or Weapons from the Market... it will shorten the lifespan of the game for you tremendously.


With that said, the best investments I have made with platinum (in order of priority):


Inventory Slots

Orokin Catalysts

Orokin Reactors

Prime Weapons/Warframe Parts from other players (research prices carefully)

Cosmetics (Skins, Syandanas, Colours, Armour)


I will note, that while cosmetics are low priority, I say it's always nice to spend a little on it... It really helps you tailor Warframes and weapons more to your liking. I'd recommend buying at least one Syandana and a Colour Palette or two... you'll be using them for a long time (I still use the first Syandana I purchased on my Zephyr).

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Slots are always useful.

Potatoes can be useful for Equipment that you really enjoy using and want them for. Catalysts are less common than Reactors, so buying Catalysts is more useful to you generally.

can't go wrong with Cosmetics if you want them.


and i suppose you could buy upgraded Mods from people... but frankly, that's the fast lane to being bored and not playing Warframe.

upgrading Mods is a core part of the game, if you use Plat to skip it, chances are you'll get bored with the game.




buying Weapons or parts of things from other players is probably a bad thing overall as you have less of a reason to play the game then. since most people need carrots to keep themselves playing, if you use Plat to remove all of those carrots, depending on what kind of person you are you could find yourself lost and not knowing what to do.

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Yep, first and foremost you want some slots (probably a row or two of weapon slots I'd say depending on how you want to play-- I don't sell weapons ever so I have a ridiculous - unneeded amount of weapon slots lol-- I don't recommend this unless you are one of those "gotta collect them all" types.  I also recommend a couple warframe slots (I don't like to get rid of frames ever to make room for another frame) - this is totally up to you though.


Secondly, you are going to want Orokin Reactors for your Kubrow/Sentinal/Warframes  and Orokin Catalysts for your weapons/sentinal Weapons.  These can very RARELY be found in game via Alerts/Conflicts, and also pretty much after any DEVstream (not livestream) that is held which usually occurs "every other friday" in a 24 hour alert called "Gift of the Lotus".  


Otherwise the Reactors and Catalysts can be obtained in the market for 20 plat a peice.  (They double the amount of points availble for you to mod your weapon/Frame/Kubrow/Sentinal out FYI- so a rank 30 warframe-- given you have no Aura slot mod equipped-  will have 60 pts available).

Note:  If you sell and rebuild this warframe it will not come with a catalyst.


If you are really into "looks" on your character- you might want to purchase a set of armor or a Syandana etc...  (These have no effects positive or negative in game however, they are purely cosmetic but they do look rather awesome) :-)




Potatoes = Slang for Orokin Catalysts and Reactors


Also another thing to note-- IF you choose to buy a weapon for "platinum" rather than the blueprint for "credits" off of the market- you will receive a slot for that weapon (6 plat value), a catalyst comes ON the weapon already (20 plat value)  and then the weapon itself (couldve been built for free - but you would have to wait on build time etc..)  [Note: if you buy weapon slots straight up you are forced to buy 2 at a time for 12 plat total]


If you buy a Warframe for platinum the same principal applies- (You will get a warframe slot- which is a 20 plat value)  & (The warframe will come with a Orokin reactor or "potato" installed on it already (20 plat value).  That said- the only frame I MAY consider buying if I were you - is the one that costs 75 plat on the market-- which will vary depending on who you started with.


I hope this helps!

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Ok I'm still part noob. Potatoes? Where can u buy them and what are they used for. Also someone mentioned getting a Kubrow egg, is it worth it or should I just get the Kubrow kit.


Potatoes (aka Orokin Catalysts and Reactors) can be obtained for free from Alerts, though not very common. There will usually be a guaranteed Rare Material Alert after a Devstream. You can buy potatoes for 20p each from the Market.


I wouldn't recommend getting a Kubrow so early in the game, since they can be a credit sink.

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Having spent a ton of platinum, and most of it poorly, I re-iterate what the wisest here have said: slots, slots, slots, catalysts, reactors, and slots.  You will 100% always regret buying weapons with platinum.  The only warframe I would ever consider recommending spending plat on is Vauban.  But, having considered recommending it, I would stick by my original statement - don't do it. :P

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Potatoes = Slang for Orokin Catalysts and Reactors


Yeah, the OP was obviously newer, so it kind of bugged me that everyone was saying "potatoes" like the OP would know what they meant. Thank you for clearing this up!


To the OP:


One thing to note of Catalysts and Reactors: Do not confuse them with Orokin Cells. Cells are a resource for building items, and are able to be obtained easily from missions (most notably, Saturn). Buying Cells with platinum is largely a waste. They have a similar appearance to Catalysts and Reactors, so make sure to read before you buy!


Good luck and have fun!

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