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House Of Uchiha (Mountain Clan) Check Out Our Website! Version 2.2.5


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Hello Warframers,

     I'm CL4PTR4Pwubwub that little robot from Borderlands who refers to everyone as "minion". Ironically I'm actually the leader of a growing Mountain almost Moon clan on Warframe(PS4) with over 230 members. Our clan is called "House of Uchiha", referencing the clan from the Shonen Jump's Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Anime. I gave our clan that name because of the ninja concept on this game and thought it was appropriate. We are the founder clan of the "Hidden Leaf Village" Alliance (Another reference to the Anime) which consist of only 4 clans, "House of Uchiha", "House of Senju", "House of Uzamaki", and "House of Hyuuga" (The top 4 clans in the Anime). We are only keeping it 4 clans because the Alliance member cap is 4,000 (if you do the math 4x1000=4,000). We keep our Alliance private and it's more like clans within a clan (all the leaders are from House of Uchiha and were given permission to start a clan). We have experience with running a 30+ clan Alliance called "The Vanguards" which we had to destroy due to some clan leaders who were inactive and not managing their clan and their members ( this is why our new one is private). We've also been a part of "The Syndicate which was the top Alliance during the launch of Dark Sectors on PS4 and we were also in "Legendary Tenn0s" but left because we were displeased with the hed of the Alliance. We have a CUSTOM emblem, 250+ members CURRENTLY, and clan WEBSITE where we post most of our information. If you want the URL it's: http://housexofxuchi...house-of-uchiha


     SO IF YOU LOVE NARUTO AS MUCH AS WE DO OR JUST WANT A GREAT CLAN just send a message to CL4PTR4Pwubwub on PSN to guarantee you passage and so you can awaken your Sharingan (If you have no clue what that is just google it). Thank-you for reading all of our details.




                                                                                                                              (Leader of House of Uchiha)

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