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There A Way To Link Accounts?



I play on PC and have played on PC for a long while, Nekross was just released when I started playing.  Now I wanna play some on Xbox1 and curious  if I have to go through and start afresh again or if theres some way to link accounts and get something of a boost from my playtime on PC?  If not I don't mind, but if there is a way I don't wanna miss it either.

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Well, can they at least do it with PS4? Haha, I would really like to be able to play with just one account on my pc and console.


It was available for a week.


Also, it would not let you play on the same account on PC and consoles. What Migration does, is it copies all of your PC progress (excluding Founders Gear, Platinum and CBT Gear) and replaces your PS4 data with it. After that those two accounts act completely separate, nothing you do on PC will affect your PS4 account and vice versa.

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