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Dunno If I Have The Right Category But I Want To Make A Suggestion...


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You guys know the knock down things right? And how we have a variety of mods to help us out in a pinch.

You know, like 'Sure Footed', 'Shock Absorbers' and 'Handspring;' to name off a few.


But I've been thinking, if you have Handspring, which picks you up faster, wouldn't Shock Absorbers become next to pointless? And if you have Sure Footed, which prevents knock down in the first place, wouldn't BOTH of those mods become pointless?


I'm just saying.


But you know what'd be really cool?


Let's say you're on an infested mission, and you were busy with roughly several hundred Chargers to bother with that one Ancient Disruptor behind you. And you go down. And you get ripped limb from limb before you can even stand. That sucks. That really sucks.


First of all, that's what happens when you go solo on Pluto or Eris or whatever T3 planet. Unless you have all the potatoes.

Second of all, you start to hate yourself for not farming for that Handspring. Or Shock Absorbers. Or Sure Footed. Any one of those would've saved you.


Why is that?


Because you don't have it.


And I start to think:


A ninja adapts, he does not conform.


Yeah, of course Handspring is warranted in this situation:

But why doesn't he toss his primary and start going old western style on everybody?

You know, like quick draw? Except for more like Speed Holster and nothing like Quick Draw. 

They always do that in the movies too. They get knocked down and they pull out a pistol to finish off the bad guy before vice versa happens.


But in all seriousness it should be a thing. So that mods like Sure Footed and Handspring don't become "end-game-must-haves" and become more like "player-chosen-playing-styles?"


Because that stuff is rare. Like rare rare. Like finding a large paperclip in a jumbo-sized paperclip factory.

Seriously, I only got Sure Footed through transmutation and that's even more rare. Thanks RNG-sus.


Back to the point I was making: When a Tenno goes down, he should be able to shoot while he's down. I mean you can do that in bleed-out mode, but do you really want to bleed-out before you start shooting?




It would probably be a mod or it would become a feature your Warframe has when it hits level 5 or 10 or something.

It should activate on a trigger, like if you hold (insert button here) you would see that you dropped your primary. The moment you stop sliding along the floor you sit up a little and start firing off again. From there you would change from down to kneeling to standing again (with influences from mods like Handspring and Shock Absorbers). Once it's safe to do so, you run over to your primary and pick it up with whichever button you use for interacting with the alarm.


Not too sure how it would work if you're melee only though. Maybe it would have the Warframe tumble a little before slamming the melee weapon into the ground to stop itself before standing again. Like in those action movies.


That way, if you want to stand up faster, you can use Handspring. If your getting mobbed by dozens upon dozens of chargers, you can use shock Absorbers to give yourself a few more seconds to survive. Heck if you'd rather stay standing you can use Sure Footed.


Best part is, it doesn't interfere with the existing mod mechanics. You can just casually flip yourself up with handspring while Shockwave Moa chase you down or when a Heavy Grineer is Gorgon-ing or Ogris-ing or that fire bomb cannon thing-ing you to death. Seriously, why hasn't DE made that a weapon yet? Then we'd have a REAL Firestorm. 


Get it? Cause it shoots fire and Firestorm is a mod and

Never mind.


All I'm saying is that the knock down mechanics are kind of generic. That's just my opinion.




TL;DR getting knocked down is boring and we should be shooting then too.

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LOL this reminds me of back when I suggested when a scorpion pulls us in we should be able to shoot while being dragged along the ground. Yes I agree this is something that has bothered me for awhile. Why do we have to be bleeding out to do this. Also why don't we have a knock down counter? You know like in some games you get knocked down and suddenly you spring up on your hands spinning your legs around in a tornado fashion knocking enemies back for some space as you get up. That would be cool too.


It does seem odd our mods are focused on getting up faster, and preventing knock down rather then working with the knock down.


edit: its not like we have a mod section so this spot seems good lol.

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