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The Lone Wolves: Casual Clan No Recruitment Limit, Allow Players Below 8+ Level Up Faster.


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We are "The Lone wolves", we are just a casual clan willing to help players from different parts of the Tenno universe. We have all research completely and have all needs for materials. We sometimes do friendly duels to test our skills, we don't participate in Dark Sector battles, we research them instead. We help each other through difficult times and dark times. My clan members give me advices to help speed up some process. We train with each other like actual brothers. We always got each others back no matter what's the cost.





 We have a new emblem which is the description down below. Its not much of a cool emblem but its just a decent one. We just scavenging potential players and help them to become an experienced warrior. Our commitment is to help new tenno and others. We only have limited room as a ghost clan and we care just a little if u are inactive for like 20 days or more so this our number 1 rule as a clan. Never be inactive for more than 20 days. This clan is treating it self nicely and its  to keep that way.

https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/128x128q90/631/qMNDVD.png <-------


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