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Load/connection Failure When Running Orokin Void


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Recently, and suddenly, my ability to host void missions has suddenly been compromised. Every time I'd get a team going and start the mission, the game will attempt to load, only to result in the following:


  - Game loads, then claims "Connection to host has been lost", and reloads back into the Liset.

  - Game loads, then abrubtly loads back into the Liset, sometimes with or without my comrades.

  - Game almost loads, then the background of the mission progress/mission complete would suddenly appear, sometimes playing the "mission failure" sound effect, implying the mission was lost, then would load back to the Liset. At this point, I can no longer move, operate the text region, or access any menus.


I'm not sure if this is my fault, the game's, or a mixture of both. If there is a thread already about this, then feel free to link me to it and remove this thread. Keep in mind that this all happens before the actual game starts (its all in the loading screen). I have had the game crash once when I actually got in with my party, shortly after loading. Unusual.


This seems to effect Survival missions in particular, as it's sheer luck and chance for it to work. Other mission types may have behaved like this, but were far less common. I think this is also the case with Derelict missions, but I may have only had this occur once or twice with said missions.

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