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Mix Sonar&silence Into A Singular Banshee Ability.


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Well, why not? Both send out sound waves around banshee, so the two skills are kinda copy/paste, only the effect changes but you do the same thing. So why not do them all at once?

Not only this would make sense, but would even make sonar a bit more viable because of the short CC it would give.

Also the stealth usage of silence would instantly stack with the radar effect of sonar, no need to cast twice for base 75 energy.

Also, this would give way for a third skill to be theorycrafted, which the frame really needs.


It's not like there are no warframe abilities that can do 2,3,4 things at once. Why not poor banshee? =(

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Its not really needed.

Sonar is viable as it is. Dat 11xdmg is invaluable in the void.

Well. now I think about it it might be cool.

But I'd probably rather see sonar work similar to silence in that new targets that enter the radius are highlighted on the map and have weak points revealed for the duration.

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