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Request: Weekly Leaderboards With History Feature And Date Stamps.


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I have a simple request...it's in the title.


In an effort to increase player retention and clan activity I have been trying to devise a way to use the weekly leaderboards as a means to create clan events and reward players in competitions with platinum.


I understand that we as players can simply look at the current weekly standings but it would be most helpful to add the ability to look back over the course of a month in weekly increments.


This will allow a competition to take place over 2 or 3 weeks time with ease,  one could use these historical statistics as a way to grade the participants, and for those participants to have reference as to what they have accomplished over the course of the competition on a week by week basis.


Also, I'm not completely sure when the leaderboards reset, some have told me every Wednesday night, and once they do the scores from the prior week are gone forever. This adds a lot of micro-managing for these statistics to be recorded over the course of a few weeks.




Please add the ability to look back over the history of month in the leaderboards through weekly increments.


Thank you!


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Yah, they could also add monthly leaderboards, and maybe end of the year ledearboards, something for a bit more memorabilia.


These are also great suggestions, thanks for the feedback everyone!


*crosses fingers* *doesn't hold breath*

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