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Arcane Helms





Coiling Viper

Crimson Dervish

Shimmering Blight

Cleaving Whirlwind



Cicero crisis set


Blind Rage

Enemy Radar

Sprint boost

Rifle Amp

Rifle Scavanger


Thermite Rounds*

Volcanic Edge*


Prime Parts

Boltor Receiver-Stock- Barrel

Bo Prime BP-Ornaments(2)

Ember Prime Helm

Frost Prime Helm-Chassis

Paris Prime BP-Lower Limb-String

Reaper Prime BP


I will add items as i remember I have them.

I have loads of mods and cant go through them all.

So if u need something in paticular,

-Pm on Psn- Will sell most of the stuff cheapo ^-^/



*Limted Time Event will only sell for 60p each, sorry for the inconvenince

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