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Sneak Attacks And Other Melee Animations Put You Out Of Map


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This has been my issue multiple times, where a sneak attack animation near a wall or map object has placed me out of map. Then you fall down into a never ending fall, which kills you. Afterward you revive thinking it may place you back in game, only to find yourself in another never ending fall. This happens too frequently, especially taking in consideration an excal that uses blind a lot on your team, making it so you sneak attack randomly, even when you just want to attack normally. Not entirely sure how this bug should be addressed; whether it be a change in animations, or how the map works. Honestly i think an easy solution is when you fall out of map there is a solid place in the map it teleports you to. Even if that place was really far away from where you fell it'd be better than failing a mission. And maybe even an option to teleport to the beginning of the map from esc menu, instead of aborting, which just feels bad every time you have to.


This has happened to me more than twice, but two times it did was during a T4surival that had already gone past 30minutes. Which can lead to a lot of frustration. Please fix

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