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(Shadow Clan) Ludus Magnus Doors Reopen And Welcomes All!


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Hey everyone, the clan is growing and the doors are back open! The dojo is built, and the research is done. Need help expanding the map, we'll help. Wanna farm bosses or the payback assassins, we'll help! Trying to track down that elusive blueprint or part, yep we here for you. Our emblem is still waiting for the next Hotfix/update but it should be soon before we can wear it. Clan events are being planned and will award mods or platinum, officer trials are coming up and, we've got a spot open just for you. All our members are mature but not overly serious. Reply here, or message me on PSN ( Wasser_Hund) for a dojo tour, and if you like what you see I'll be happy to invite. See you soon.

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