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Pyrana Build Q



So I have "discovered" the Pyrana and find it a fairly fun weapon to use. I like the looks, sound and feel of it so I decided to invest a catalyst and forma on it. 


But as it has a 20% crit chance on it I am not sure wether I should mod for increased crit chance or just disregard it and mod it for additional elemental damage.


I find the 120% crit chance mod for pistols ok but the crit damage mod seems like a waste of space with its 60% damage increase.


The build I have in mind is the base mods Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Reload speed, elemental combo. 

Then the question is if I should do the second elemental combo or mod for increased crits.



Any tips would be appreciated

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On mine (3 formas) I have

Hornet Strike

Barrel Diffusion

Lethal Torrent


Deep Freeze

Ice Storm

Target Cracker

Pistol Gambit

Use the elements you want, I just love to have the +2 magazine bonus of Ice Storm

Tested in T4 and Cryotic Event (lvl 80-100 enemies)

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