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Another Earth Tileset And Grineer Rebels (And Something Cute) :3.


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An abandoned Grineer housing complex with tunnels, located on Earth. Lots of rooms and the occasional sinkhole, and plants growing everywhere. Best located on Earth. The sinkhole has landing pads, one of which is the insertion point. It's largely unused, and therefore decayed really bad.

Time for a new type of animal to be introduced here: the Pulfo.
Its a rather small reptile-ish creature, kindof a frog. shaped like a chicken with a reptile-ish tail. They lay eggs in dark rooms, close to sources of food and water. The Rebels have asked you to take away their eggs and plant them in Grineer ships. There, they will make a living by eating the Grineer's food and reproducing like crazy. After the 'event', they can often be found swarming cargo tiles. The Grineer are ordered to exterminate them, but most of them wont, simply because they are too cute to kill.

Pulfo's need to be fed at least every other day, or they will starve to death. You can acquire Grineer food canisters from Galleons. the Corpus also have these 'nutri-fluid' cans, which is enough for two days.
You can manufacture tiny equipment pieces for your Pulfo, which protects them from hazards. A Corpus Shield generator can be fitted on him as a backpack, Alloy Plates serve as Armor. If you give them sealed helmets, they can survive in space for 5 minutes. They cannot be modded. On tilesets, they tend to open crates to eat, and occasionally fetch you some Ammo.

Pipes, and ones that have bursted, with water dripping out. Can also run across the ceiling. Little cargo remains, because this is the home of the Grineer Rebels. A batch of Grineer clones that havent been indoctrinated, as is done with regular Grineer. A prototype Grineer cloning machine is located here,. Lights are usually off, or barely visible. Dripping water has occasionally corroced the floors, walls and ceilings. Roots from trees have grown to occasionally obstruct the path, and pierce the walls. Plants are most present near the sinkhole tile. Doors are sometimes jammed because of corrosion, or loss of power. They can be opened by hand or simply by force.

Even darker and scarier at night.

By this, I hope to make Warframe a little less serious. And a little more cute.

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This sounds like a horror map. Imagine Stalker here O.o

That would be extra creepy, because there are very few lights to announce his coming. He'd just come outta fuking nowhere, scare the fuk outta you, kill you and leave, thinking WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! Imagine his red glowing face, appearing in the darkness. One Despair and you're dead.

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Ahhh, perfect. People always enjoy a good abandoned base. Preferrably with something cute to com along with it.

And peope, technically, its a thriller map. Designed to frighten you, to make you poo your pants.

If it were a horror map, it would feature blood on walls and ceilings, decapitated and delimbed Grineer everywhere. But thats a description of your average Grineer Galleon.

With this map, I wanted to add a feeling we dont have enough of in Warframe: fear. The closest feeling people get is 'O FOCK!' when the Gustrag Three hunts them down on a solo mission. And a little of the 'cuteness feeling'.

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