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Prime Access



(First of technically this is players helping players but you know if there's a better place to put this than yeah).


So im thinking of buying the prime access pack or one of them at least, with Karma coin i was thinking of buying 'teleport' one

but thats $96 in New Zealand ill have a total of $183 and heres the problem id like to get the Bo and loki but at the moment thats a bit outta the price range because of a headset i want so i thought well ill buy the decoy one but it does not have the same amount of plat nor loki prime. but is loki prime worth it, is all that money worth it and how much plat does it cost to buy all the warframes, will i still have some left over?


Or should i wait for the next prime access ?


A few other things

I'll most likely buy this on Friday (NZ)

what is prime accessories?

Is prime access worth it?

what could i buy with 2625 plat

what could i buy with 1050 plat


Thanks this should help me out TS1.

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Its not founders, you can get all of the items except: Avatars and all in the Prime Accesories. This is called Prime access.


And its worth it, for the exclusives, if you like getting avatars and accesories. But all items can be farmed ingame, just look over at:



it will give you all the information you need

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