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New Skins ?


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And seriously u guys don't know what is the stalker?


"What stalker?"  - Is a Joke from DE.


When stalker was introduced into the game DE would act like stalker did not exist / was a bug in the game. Also see Stalkers gear pack you can buy in game called "What Stalker?".


Its getting a little tired now and so we don't use it as much.


Lastly we are not getting any of the stuff you said in OP as the proto skin was exclusive for one year anniversary but it might make a return every year. We wont know till next year.


We will probably never get a stalker skin because its actually just a helmet not a skin. The body is simply a black and red Excalibur but with an odd helmet on. 


Why would we need a dread skin when we have dread itself?



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