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Melee 2 Pc & Controller


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Greets. Is this bug fixed yet? I've been unable to get combo's working at all with the xbox controller on the PC. Only noticed when I got my stance that I could not effect combo's at all. There appears to be nothing on this topic readily available either.


The only thread I could find on this subject was archived back in May without any word or resolution. It appears to be a bug introduced with Melee 2 that affects PC controller specifically.


No I cannot use Kbd/Mouse combo - old motorcycle injury makes wasd unsustainable for extended periods.


Thanks in advance for any input.

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To answer my own question for others who are looking for this answer:


By changing from primary/secondary weapons to melee, (melee mode), this will activate combo's provided you have the appropriate Stance enabled in your melee weapon. Their are currently no bindings which may be customised on the controller for combos.


I came across this accidentally whilst playing after exhausting Forum, Google and DuckDuckGo searches and this post which did not reveal an answer. I've played for approximately 200 hours(?) and had the stance for +- 40 hours. This info really needs to be on the Wiki please.


Whilst it may sound intuitive to a dev or experienced PC player it is not if you have followed the above exhaustive methods' I took to try get the answer.


Using xbox controller with native drivers.


Whoever designed and coded the movements for the combos you are on the top of my Christmas Card list :) It is beautiful, fluid, graceful!! An absolute joy to watch - thank you for the attention to detail.

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