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A Simulator In The Clan Dojo


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Think of the Test room simulator all we Tenno's have to go through to reach our next rank now think of a Test simulator in our Dojo we can customize it and make it like a Obstacle course, or kill as manny enemies until the timer runs out, Stealthiest killer, target practice. The limits are endless well sorta you and your clan could go in a dojo to do a warm up before a mission a Vault run or a boss fight or just a even better way of challenging another player or clan member you can compete with and see who's better at this or that and for all you gamblers out there you can gamble credits or what not on who ever can beat you're high score. I think this attachment to a dojo will be horrific :D

What do you think does it seem awesome cause I would love to race against my clan members friends and others and fight with them in a wave of enemies or a when the trimmer runs out. Hope this happens

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Not the first time this has been suggested, but to be frank, I'm totally unsure of why this is continually glossed over when DE responds to general feedback - there are so many advantages I can list, and negligible disadvantages I can see.


From me, I think this would:

- Make testing and showcasing loadouts more convenient and Stalker-free;

- Standardise in-game weapon performance, and (speculation) promote the testing of more innovative builds;

- Add more ways to compete with other players;

- Add functionality to a very bare-bones Dojo feature;

- Add the option to replay Mastery Tests and/or be used as an extended teaching tool for younger Tenno;

- Provide a sink/tax for resource excesses; and

- Make participation in Clans and overall cooperation (marginally, I'll admit) more appealing


However, it would also:

- Be a fair amount of work on top of what DE already does;

- Encourage discrimination against those opposed to the Clan system; and

- Be fairly inconvenient if the Dojo host were to leave.


But really, I can't see these overshadowing the potential benefits. +1 to you, OP. Hope this gets through soon!

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