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Rhinos, Rhinos Everwhere


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I really dislike rhino but I'm still gonna built it for the sake of having it


He's not that bad.  You can still run and gun with him like any other frame.  You don't have to spam ultimates like the annoying players.  Just play the way you like to.  1/2 the time the people who complain about any Prime warframe are just jealous folks who had a tough time getting them.  The other 1/2 the time those folks are just miserable and want to complain about something anyways.


What's all this about?  In a nutshell it's just "Rhino Prime (or regular Rhino) annoys me..."  well that's the key isn't it...  It's up to a person to choose what annoys them and what doesn't.


I play him sometimes because he looks cool and I like to use Roar for buffing my weaker unranked gear that I'm taking out for the first time, etc.  No one really complains when I spam Roar.

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lol try playing something that has lvl 30 mobs or higher. 2 = useless and 4 becomes nothing more than a CC. SO OP!

So let's see. When mobs reach lv 30 iron skin becomes useless, and rhino stomp is nothing but just a "CC".

Are you taking drugs?

Even if you meant at 30 minutes and not lv 30 iron skin is not useless, not at all and I use rhino stomp mainly because of the CC what you talking about? So his 4th becomes useless because it's just a crowd control lol, following your logic every warframe is useless.

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