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Ghost Clan Osok, Recruiting First Members


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Hey guys, we are a small clan just startng recruitment.We are a brotherhood/sisterhood clan looking for active,friendly, and helpful members of all ranks being experienced or not.Our goal is to reach minimum storm status all the way up to moon with great players who favor coop team play instead of solo running ahead rambo style. We are now a shadow clan, if your still interested post up and you'll be invited soon as possible.



Our dojo is mainly finshed with all labs & researched finshed, dueling rooms,obstacle courses, and trading posts and set up and ready for use.


We are currently not thinking about participating in the solar rail wars.This does not mean that we will never join the solar rails but plan to build our clan first before joining the party.




What we'd like to see in members is:


Dedication:We'd like to see members put honest time into this clan and help us grow a steady pace and not join to never play and take up space from fellow tenno who would play.If we see you being offline for more than 50 days without a reason im afraid you will be removed from our ranks.


Contribution:While not required, I would be very grateful if you would check the clan log for new constructions or researches and contribute some resources if needed.Remember the more everyone pitches in the faster our dojo can grow and us as a whole.


Discipline:We want to maintain a friendly and honest environment, this means that immuturity will not be tolerated what so ever.We would like to keep our community mature.So we would like you to respect and be nice to other players so when someone tells you "not now" or asks you to leave them alone, please respect their wishes.Swearing is allowed but don't do it every 3 words, and be a good sport and follow all of DEs regulations.If any members go against these rules or breaks them please contact a leader or me and action will be taken.WARNING! There will be zero tolerance for racist comments or jokes and especially insults, breaking this rule will result in immediate removal from the clan.


Assistance:While again not required, Its encouraged to ask for help and assist your fellow clan members if you can, be it helping with farm runs,boss fights, or just plain advice about a subject don't hesitate to ask or provide your support.After all we are all brothers and sisters.


Mastery Rank:A mastery level is not required to join but i plan on implenting it into the rank system below.


Ranking System:There will be a ranking system with each rank holding its own value and resposibilities.These ranks are here to regulate and manage the clan so i'd appreciate it if you would follow the rank system.They will be determined by how long you have been with us,how helpful you are, and most likely mastery rank.(this may be subject to change later on)

the ranks will be seperated into 3 seperate castes, Fio the Council Caste, Kor the Command Caste, and Shas the Fire Caste.


Rank List:

Aun'O-This is my rank as clan leader.


Fio'O-These are high ranking members who serve on the clan's Council Caste.They will work on the dojo designs with me and will be in charge of building our dojo and research.This rank is not a leader instead it is a rank for those whom i trust with decisions concerning the dojo and clan.will probably be mastery 7 or 8+.


Kor'O-These are high ranking officers who serve as my vice leaders and top of the Command Caste of the OSOK clan.They will be in charge of most members and will regulate our clan and be in charge when I wont be avaliable.Will be able to give ranks Kor'El and Shas'Ui to trusted individuals.There will be very few of these, will probably be mastery rank 6 or 7+.


Kor'El-These members are Lieutenants of the Command Caste and will be selected by a Kor'O.They will enforce our rules,keep the Kor'O and I informed of violations & problems, and keep the clan a nice and friendly place for everyone.Each Kor'O will be able to select 3 trusted members who have proven themselves loyal and friendly to become Kor'El.If promoted and proven not to be trusted with the position i will demote you to shas'La myself and you wont be promoted again, you must be a Shas'Ui before promotion & will most likely be mastery rank 4+.


Shas'Ui-These members are trusted individuals who have been with us for a good while and have proven to be loyal members who give assistance to their fellow tenno.These members are those in line to become part of the Command Caste when avaliable.Can be promoted to by a Kor'O or by myself.Will have no mastery rank requirement.


Shas'La-This is a soldier rank and will make up the back bone of the OSOK clan.Most members will be this rank.No mastery requirement.


Shas'Saal-Will be new recruits who have just joined the OSOK.Must be a member for 24 hrs before promotion to Shas'La(can be promoted by any Kor member or myself)


Aun'Vre-This is a rank of honor and respect in the OSOK.These individuals are not leaders but members that i know personally or respect a great deal.I repeat these are not leaders of the clan just members so do not bother them with clan issues or anything to do with leadership. This rank is given only by me and no one else if you are given this rank by someone else tell me and ill handle it, otherwise you be returned to Shas'Saal without possible promotion until further notice.


This is all for now so if you would like to join leave your IGN and maybe tell why you would like to join, id like to know :)


Currently looking for 6 members who will most likely be part of the higher ranks later on.


There will be a steam group for the clan where announcements will be posted here http://steamcommunity.com/groups/O-S-O-K

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I believe that this clan will be a nice fit for me. I was just kicked out of my last clan due to an extended absence (my computer had been broken for about a month and a half) so I have been looking for a suitable replacement. I'll message you in game so that we can discuss this.

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Hey Id like to join your guild as it seems one of the better ones and I enjoy team based play I've been in a warframe group before 

I am reasonably active putting in a few hours a day I would love to a part of your clan




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Hello all, I'd like to apply for your guild, been looking for an active guild since my last ghost clan went dead and this seems to fit the bill for what I'm looking. I am currently mastery rank 10, with a good set of warframes and weapons with forma. Having played most of the game solo so far I would love to play an active role in a guild thats still growing and be part of the community.


IGN: Neythar

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Hi~ I'd like to join your clan. I've never been in a clan before so I think that this clan would be a very nice start. I used to play warframe in the past on another acc so I made a new one to get used to the new layout of the game as there was many patches that I have missed out plus I'm also very active too c:


IGN: Yilis

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I have been looking for a new clan for a while. My husband was the one that got me playing Warframe about two months or three months ago. Our computer has been down for repairs for the last month which gave me a much needed break from the clan I'm currently in. Don't get me wrong, those guys are really cool and helpful especially since my husband is a long time, upstanding member of the clan. But what I don't like is that I get handed things because they want to stay on his good side. What I also do not like is the extreme frequency of vulgarity and highly inappropriate comments or extended periods of time of dirty jokes. As the only frequently playing female in this clan, This is frustrating.

I really appreciated all the ground rules and expectations you have laid out for your clan. I would love to be a part of your growth and help in any way that I can. I am currently a mastery rank 6 with a little over 150 hours played. This is my very first video game and my husband has told me that I have been a fast learner. I am on almost every day and I love to help other players out (even if sometimes I am just the 4th wheel lol). 

My in game name is rebelpenguina so hit me up and let me know if I can join your clan. 

Thanks so much!!                             Rebel

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I've recently starting getting back into Warframe and I thought it would be really cool to join a clan, and yours sounds pretty interesting. I'm currently only a Silver Initiate, but I'm always improving. I'd love to join and be part of something rather than just a solo player.


For the next few weeks, I'll be traveling Monday-Thursday on business, but I will be home and active on the weekends. It would be really cool if you could let me be a part of this. Thanks!

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WhytKiD, I have sent you an invite so you should see it when you login next time. Welcome to the clan


And RebelPenguina I would love to have you in our growing family so if you would still like to join ill need you to leave your current clan so I can invite you.


Looking forward to meeting you both :)

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Rebel, your invite was sent so you should see it now, welcome :)


and Cuyerita i'd love it if you would join our family but same issue as rebel, currently you are in a clan so ill need you to leave that one so i can invite you. Looking forward to meeting you.

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Hey, I am interested in joining your Clan. I have been playing for a few weeks and am looking for a group of people to play with on a regular basis. I am currently Novice ranked, with level 30 Volt and Rhino frames and an Ash frame I just started on.


Ingame Name:  -Nixus-

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Hi. I am very active and dedicated to warframe. My previous clan was dead anyways, and since then im roaming around a freelancer. I would love to join a clan whose players would be active. I will contribute as much as i can and talk as much as i will. I am very chatty and would love to talk while playing. Thnks,



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