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R> Gore Abyss, Ghost Clan


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Just started it up, Newbies welcomed. Reply or PM/add in game.


Things Needed


*Some members :x Struggling here honestly lol. Hard to compete with clans with all the research and willing to add nameless faces just to go up to a higher clan level.


*Active, not just playing the game but be able to socialze as well. I get this isn't the kinda game to really go about having a conversation, but just so you know its a ghost clan but you can speak people lol.


*Able to start from the ground up. As I mentioned this clan was started up a short time ago. Just got some parts of the dojo built but nothing that can be useful as far as research goes. So if your ok with that, then your very welcomed. If not, there's plenty of clans looking to add more to their ranks and have all research done.


*Helpful people! Seriously, you join a clan, you help each other out! Any greedy stuff and your booted.


That's about all I can think of at this time. Its a small clan so the expectations don't have to be too high. Just hit those bulletpoints and I'll do my part and make the clan get strong. 

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Hey there. I am relatively new to Warframe, but am really enjoying it. As of right now I am only a level 9 Volt (my starter). I would like to try to get involved a little with a clan and experience that side of the game. Please add me in game. I also have the possibility of another 2 friends of mine that might be interested as well.


IGN: CrazygamerVI

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Well got 1 member so far, the others already joined another clan. So, 3 more spots available if anyone is interested in joining! If you wish to join it would be easier if you sent me a friend request as I don't always check the forum but I do check my pending status a lot. (would be nice if the game let you know you got a request <_<).

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