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Wts Heavy Cal. (Max) & Other Stuff


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Prices are negotiable. If interested, send me a message on PSN (Void_Girl).




Heavy Caliber (Max Rank) - 375p


Berserker - 20p

Brutal Tide - 15p

Crossing Snakes - SOLD

Energy Siphon - 15p

Firestorm - 20p

Guardian - 15p

Hell's Chamber - SOLD

Magnum Force - 15p

Rending Strike - 10p

Split Chamber - 20p

Seeker - 15p

Tranquil Cleave - 30p


Prime Sets


Boar Prime - 15p

Boltor Prime - SOLD

Ember Prime - SOLD

Frost Prime - 30p

Lex Prime - SOLD

Mag Prime - 30p

Reaper Prime - SOLD

Sicarus Prime - 15p




Bo Prime Ornaments - 5p/ea.

Boltor Prime Components - 10p/ea.

Braton Prime Parts - 5p/ea.

Bronco Prime BP - 10p

Orthos Prime Blades - 5p/ea.

Wyrm Prime Systems - SOLD

Wyrm Prime Carapace - 10p

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