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Linking Ps4 Network Signon To De Servers


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This used to behave much better, back before U14(?) if the PSN was having issues, we could still log onto DE servers and play Warframe, even have voice chat.

Now, if the PSN is having issues, even when logged into the network, we are now no longer able to sign into DE servers. 

Please revert this back to the way it was.



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We have to be signed in to PSN to access the DE servers.

If you cannot sign into PSN because of issues Sony is having, you won't be able to get onto Warframe.


Yes, we know, but this was not always the case. It's slightly more subtle than that as well, for instance, in the latest problem, looking at my PSN sign on status, it indicated I was signed on (option was to sign off), but had received the "undergoing maintenance" message and party chat, and friends list were down. Was unable to sign onto DE servers now, where previously you could. 

We all know that *now* we are no longer able to sign on, where we could before. Do you think this current behavior is superios?

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